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    From Finnigann to Evan Thacker on Thursday, December 28, 2000 21:32:00
    RE: GWB - Election 200
    >BY: Amcleod to Finnigann on Thu Dec 28 2000 06:25 am

    I heard someone say last night that there is an expectation of a full-scale
    > > in the middle east in 2001.

    >That's just wonderful, as I just happen to be the prime age to be drafted. I'm

    There is no draft, currently, in the USA.

    >going to Canada if that happens. I would not be at all surprised if there is a

    What makes you think Canada would not be involved?

    >war in the middle east (world war III). Why the hell can't we let the rest of
    >the world deal with their own problems for once? I met a Vietnam vet today,

    It's a small world, eventually their problems are our problems. Why wait
    until they are BIG problems to deal with them? Also we have treaties
    with most countries that might be involved so in effect will will be
    obligated from the start.

    Early involvement might just be enough to forestall a war. It's when we
    show signs of non support that countries (like Iraq) think the time is
    ripe to strike.

    >and he told me some horrible stories...the government must be smoking some good

    Yes war is horrible. To be avoided if at all possible. But that kind of
    war isn't the worst case scenario, Sometimes NOT fighting is the worst
    that can happen.

    >stuff if they think I'm going to risk my ass for a country I've never been to,

    Glad my father didn't share those views. Life would have been much
    different for me and you, now.

    >nor care about. We haven't had a really big war in a long time; I guess I was
    >foolish to think it wouldn't happen again until I was old.

    Well, we all hope for long breaks of peace, but not all people have life
    as good as we do. They all want a slice of the pie. Some people don't
    even get a whiff of the pie.

    And... life is not fair. In case you had forgotten.

    Don't forget
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