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    From Finnigann to Amcleod on Monday, October 30, 2000 05:40:00
    RE: Rlogin
    BY: Segfault to Finnigann on Sun Oct 29 2000 08:43 pm

    Because any SysOp worth his salt would delete SPAM immediately and kick
    off the
    spammer. But on the internet, the only goal of the latter-day
    SysOps (IOW the
    ISPs) is to make money and maintain maximum distance
    from any activity.

    The AOL's of this world want to have maximum users creating maximum revenue A>while pressing their hands to their hearts and saying "_We_ aren't responsible
    for the SPAM that AOLers generate!"

    What a can of worms this can be...

    Didn't AOL have it's root with Qlink for the Commodore? I seem to recall getting interested in modems are that time just as AOL was bursting onto
    the scene. I wanted some software from Qlink to get online with and the
    packet I got back had PC software (useless to me then) from AOL...
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