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    system inso :: no family / christians wanted :)

    here here -- the world would truely be a better place without them. its sad
    to see that other peoples morals have penetrated even the computer realm.

    I've read enough... I think it is the LOSS of Christian values which has caused
    the decay of society. Taking prayer out of schools and everyday life has only B>caused our kids to grow up completely lost with no morals, family values, or B>respect. They do not believe there is a consequence to their actions. Whether B>there IS a God or not is irrelevant, what matters is if you BELIEVE in God, B>perhaps you will think before you decide to kill innocent people and blow up B>your school... 'just because'...

    Bring back paryer in schools, stop taking away religeous symbols, instill the B>respect and morality back into society, and perhaps the world really WILL be a
    better place.

    There goes religious freedom... any other constitutional rights you want
    to throw out while we're at it?

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    RE: Christian Values
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    RE: Christian Values
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    Agreed, I think the hands-off approach that many parents and the people we
    put in charge of teaching our children is plain wrong.

    Teaching discipline and respect for others should be FINISHED by the time they start school. Pretty late by then. (Well maybe a refresher course once or twice (-: )

    Why are you shouting at me... I am on your side (in this anyway)
    Although the school can finish off some of the rough parts. Most kids
    don't get to interact with large groups until they get in school.

    If you are following the thread you'd see I have been for parents taking
    as big a hunk of responsibility as they can. But it continues in school

    Schools teach many things... discipline is but one of the topics covered.

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    seem to be having a bad day RAZOR. Hope you get to feeling better, soon.

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