• Public Testing Requested

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    Date: Mon, 01 Nov 1999 18:18:53 -0400
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    Subject: Public Testing Requested
    Newsgroups: win.navigator
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    Hi everyone,

    Please post all replies to the navigator conference. Please Read this
    in its entirety prior to downloading any software.

    We are opening up testing of the new Wildcat! Navigator installer, and
    the new Java Chat client to the public. We feel these are ready, but
    would like to get a broader feedback since these will be run on a very
    great variety of systems. THIS IS STILL A TEST. If you run into problems
    with this, you will need to be able to figure out what the problem is
    and supply us with detailed feedback. If you are unable to do this, DO
    NOT download these tests. Wait until further testing is finished, and
    these items are made generally available.

    When reporting back success, failure or problems with the installation
    or usage, please provide:

    server cpu:
    server memory:
    server OS:
    Service Pack:
    Client cpu:
    client memory:
    client OS:
    Description of problem.
    Detailed list of steps taken to create problem.
    Steps take to attempt a resolution.
    Steps taken that fixed issue (if done).

    Remember, this is not for reporting or requesting any updates to the
    Navigator itself.

    JavaChat Instructions

    Download javachat.exe from area 201. Run it from your wc5 directory.
    This should extract to your http\wcnav directory all files required for
    the java component. You will need to edit your
    wc5\http\template\wcnav.htm file and change all occurrences of 'mustang'
    to 'winserver'.

    Fixed in JavaChat

    User names appearing multiple times.
    Word wrapping implemented.

    Wilcat! Navigator Instructions

    No Fixes or Updates have been done to the navigator. This is only an
    installer update to deal with the various installation issues
    encountered with the current installer. This contains the latest
    Navigator components supplied with the 477 AUP.

    This navigator may not work with modems that create special comm ports,
    such as ESP and HSP modems. We are currently looking into a report on

    Download wcnavtst.zip from area 201 and extract to a temporary
    directory. Run setup.exe. This setup will work on all platforms, win3.1, win95, win98, win98se, winnt, and even windows2000 RC2. No Browser is supplied with this setup, nor are we intending to create browser
    installations at this time.

    Files for diskette distribution will be supplied when testing is

    Custom Navigators

    Currently you will not be able to build a custom navigator through our
    online system that will work with this new installer. However, if you
    have already built, and installed a custom navigator, you can use files
    from that installation to create a custom installer from this.

    1. replace setup.bmp and setup16.bmp with your setup images
    2. place wccustom.dll, your custom.exe and wccustom.ini in the same
    directory as the setup.exe

    wccustom.ini should have lines like the following:
    [Custom Connector]
    INSTALLNAME=custom tester

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