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    internet. The error I get and have always recieved since win98

    Winsock was not able to connect to address


    because the address was not found.

    Now I know from watching the activity that its not even looking address.


    Hi bob,
    provide all the settings for in the connection manager for a bbs y
    trying to connect to over the internet.


    I've tried with the basic setup just installed. It won't connect to Santronics.

    I ran into same problem installing nav on win98 what I found is it
    corrupts the winsock.dll file what i did to fix the problem was we made
    a patch installer that deletes and reinstalls winsock.dll and
    dunzip.dll. It was only way I could get it to work!


    All I needed was the latest version of winsock.dll. For some reason the
    win98 version of winsock was not in there. It was dated 1996.

    Thanks again to the crew at santronics. Its up and running now (knock on
    wood) problem free for about a week now.

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