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    Given that I do a lot of remote travel these days, I have been relying on
    the web interface more and more given the nature of corporate firewalls and
    so forth. Unfortunately there are a number of things that still aren't
    quiet there and I know you have a number of todos.

    But I was thinking this week about wcNAV as I have not used it in quite
    some time. In it's day, it was a great tool to access all portions of the system. Unfortunately I was never keen on the UI because it still had that 16-bit type scheme.

    What are future plans for this product? If you plan to migrate it to a new build under 32-bit, is there any future plans to include many cool things
    like proxy support so that those behind proxies can connect without
    additional software?

    Just thought I'd ask.

    Take care,
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