• Have I messed something up?!?

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    Subject: Have I messed something up?!?
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    It seems that recently when I try to log on to my system, using
    Navigator,The Navigator connects, but then will not bring up my website. I
    used to be able to use www.holodeckbbs.homeip.net. Now it will not load
    using the www. If I remove the www then I can log on my system web side via browser. Once logged on I can then invoke the navigator, but cannot log on direct from navigator. Nor can I log on any longer with the www. in the address. Did I muck something up in the setup, or not change something upon
    an update. I am confused as to how to handle it, because if anyone uses the normal www address to log on, they get told the address cannot be found.

    Any ideas?

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