• setting up fnx net webpage

    From Grant Weasner@3:770/100 to alpha@21:4/158 on Saturday, September 18, 2021 15:51:21
    Hi Alpha,

    I'm here at Agency (you probably can tell from the node address), reading you webpage about setting up fnx networks on enigma.

    so far I really like it.

    have you setup just a receive only fnx message base?

    do you know of other great documents or howtos for enigma systems?

    I am reading the primary document, but ... because I'm new to this stuff I
    can say I don't understanding everything. Like the telentBridge ... where
    does that config entry live?

    I thought I would reach out to you and test the zone node address stuff.

    Take care, please write me back if you have time.

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