• elinks as door games platform

    From Mikolas Pansky@2:423/81.44 to All on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 17:41:27
    Hello All,

    if You've ever programmed door game You know there are both some difficulties and advantages for each programming language.

    This is just another approach. It is based on elinks with javascript (QuickJS) compiled.

    If You feel like You can try (just for experimental purpose) binary I prepared for Linux. If You go to this page:
    You can scroll to Linux x64. That's static binary with javascript compiled. There is elinks.conf too with some basic application like configuration.
    And for testing purposes there is arithmetics.html that can be configured
    and played as a BBS Door Game. I'm sending my shell script I call from the BBS.

    cd /bbs/doors/arithmetic
    ./elinks_lin64_js.bin \
    -no-connect \
    --config-dir `pwd`/elinks \
    -eval 'set terminal.xterm-256color.colors = 3' \

    Thank You for listening and thank You for FidoNet to exists.

    Best regards


    ... That's not a bug, it's an undocumented feature

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