• New Tradewars Games - Through BBSLINK

    From Shaggy@1:218/900 to All on Friday, April 14, 2023 09:30:32
    |09This is to announce that there are three new Tradewars games now online |07 |09accessed through BBSLINK. All of the existing games are online too. Now is the |07
    |09time to start a new game!|07

    |09Happy Weekend everyone!|07


    |09|16 -<>- Brokedown Palace BBS -<>-
    |09|16.::..::. Telnet://Palace.BrokedownPalace.Online:2323 .::..::.

    --- WWIV 5.8.0.development
    * Origin: Brokedown Palace, Reprise BBS (1:218/900)