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    From Shaggy@1:218/900 to All on Friday, January 05, 2024 17:32:45

    |10Happy New Year!|07

    |10With the new year, we have started 12 new Tradewars games that are accessed through |07
    |10BBSLink! You can access them through your favorite board that carries BBSLink.|07

    |13Game_Slot Game_Name Sector Daily_Turns Game_Type|07
    |14M Tradewars Academy 20K Unlimited|07
    |14N Alien Retribution 20K 25K Blue|07
    |14O Hell On Earth 20K Unlimited Deathmatch|07
    |14P Paradise 5K 1K|07
    |14R Empire 10K 2K|07
    |14S Pinball 5K 1.5K |07
    |14T Ancient World 5K 1K|07
    |14U The Hunted 20K 25K|07
    |14V The Birds Nest 20K 30K|07
    |14W Animal House 20K 30K|07
    |14X Deathmatch 3K Unlimited Deathmatch|07
    |14Z Pirates 5K 1.2K Blue|07

    |10Best wishes to all in 2024!|07


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