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    From Lupine Furmen@FURFOL to All on Saturday, December 19, 2020 18:20:18
    SFNet is a QWK/FTN network dedicated to all things SciFi/Fantasy/Anime/Gaming. We have been sereving the BBS community since 2016. We may be slow, but I hope that with more systems and more users that will change.

    Grab the latest info pack on the front page at: http://furmenservices.net

    Lupine Furmen
    -Dallas Vinson
    Furmens Folly (FIDO 1:123/257) - telnet: furmenservices.net:23
    SSH: furmenservices.net:23222
    Before the Web - telnet: furmenservices.net:23232
    Legends of Yesteryear (FIDO 1:123/256) - telnet: furmenservices.net:23322
    Sound Source ]|[ - telnet: furmenservices.net:2323


    ... What is moral is what you feel good after.

    ■ Synchronet ■ Furmen's Folly - furmenservices.net:23