• Announcing The Ultimate MUD Connector

    From Nelgin@EOTLBBS to All on Friday, December 17, 2021 21:09:03
    The End Of The Line BBS is proud to present - The Ultimate MUD Connector

    Head over to the Door menu then check out the MUD/Maze section and play any
    one of over 700 MUDS, MUSH, MOO, and other fantasy text games.

    Taken from mudconnector.com - the list contains an alphametical list of games that you select and play right from the BBS. The direct telnet and website address is also displayed (if they have one).

    If you cannot return to the BBS from a game, use the CTRL+] keys, known as an escape sequence, then disconnect. If a game is offline for some reason, it
    may take upto 30 seconds to time out.

    Please contact the sysop if you have any questions or comments.

    telnet to endofthelinebbs.com port 23
    or ssh to endofthelinebbs.com port 22

    Give it a go...and let me know!


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