• Battle Between Game Servers

    From DesotoFireflite@VALHALLA to All on Wednesday, July 06, 2022 15:28:36
    The Battle Against Game Servers Presents

    Valhalla Home Services - Odin's Maze (bbs.valhallabbs.com)


    Mojo's World BBS - Magic Kingdom (bbs.mojosworld.net or mojo.synchro.net)

    Choose A System, Odin's Maze or Magic Kingdom, And Saddle Up For 16
    Great Games Setup To Battle Against Each Other. Should Be Loads Of
    For Everyone Involved...

    Booby Trap Falcons Eye
    Flip Flop Poker Bandit
    8 Way Slots Tri-Bingo
    Hot Dice Video Bandit
    Jewel Thief Lord/InterLord
    Knight's Move Mega Slots
    Lady Luck Arcadian Legends
    Barren Realms Elite Zombie Slots

    SysOp: C.G. Learn, AKA: DesotoFireflite
    Valhalla Home Services! - (Synchronet) - bbs.valhallabbs.com:23
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