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    Hello MRO!

    ** On Sunday 15.05.22 - 17:59, MRO wrote to Ogg:

    For me, I find that the iTunes prog is quite a fine
    performer as a database for local tunes. I still use on my XP machines. One of them shares its
    repository with another iTunes repository that I have on a
    Win7/64 desktop.

    It is also a very capable ripper, and converter.

    so what do you mean by 'database'? you mean you can search
    all the songs you have? you can do that without itunes if
    htat's what you mean.

    Just searching for tunes using Explorer or CLI is not the same
    thing. With the mp3 tags in place, it's very easy too look up a
    genre, a year, any part of the artist's name or title. iTunes
    as a local music database manager is very quick. Plus.. I
    liked the built-in local network support to share tunes across

    i'm still using winamp here.

    I had to drop Winamp for some reason.. don't remember what. I
    used it quite a bit with my WinME set up.

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