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    I just watched Evil Dead Rise, the new movie about demonic possession,
    and I realized how similar it was to a really bad computer hacking incident.

    A boy finds a vinyl audio disc and book-of-the-dead in a secret vault
    opened by an earthquake in Los Angeles, and he plays the disc on his turntable, causing incantations to be played that awaken a demon and set
    it loose. He tries to stop the playback but the turntable becomes
    controlled by the demon and won't stop playing.

    This is rather like if a kid finds a DVD-ROM in an unused locker at
    school, then takes it home and pops it into his personal Windows PC,
    whereupon a hacking program takes over the PC and he can't eject it or
    even reboot.

    The demon then takes over his mother and she goes nuts. The demon shuts
    down the landline phone (no one has cell phones, oddly). From the
    mother, the demon jumps from person to person, typically after the
    mother injures each one. The demon takes over their bodies, and turns
    them into its (meat) puppets.

    This is similar to a hacking program reaching let's say the Wifi router
    and taking control of that by injecting code via some factory-provided backdoor, shutting down Internet access, after which it starts scanning
    all devices on the network for vulnerabilities and hacks each one, e.g. causing some shellcode to be executed on the victim device.

    Finally (spoiler alert) the heroine finds a recording on the vinyl disc
    of a priest explaining that the bodies of the possessed reanimated
    people have to be destroyed, and she manages to push the bodies into a
    wood pulper that just happens to be in the parking garage of their Los
    Angeles apartment complex.

    This is equivalent to a computer security expert coming in and
    completely wiping the infected computers and perhaps even reprogram
    their firmware, and when that solution fails, he puts the hard drives
    into a metal shredder and sends the computers to the landfill.

    In summary, I think if you take a detailed news story about a bad
    computer hacking incident, where device after device was taken over,
    replace "computer" with "person" and hacking program with "demon" you
    *could* have most of what you need for a demonic possession horror movie script.

    However if you want to write a script about a zombie apocalypse you
    might want to look at the way in which Macbook and iPad users descend
    upon Starbucks coffee houses and consume inordinate amounts of coffee
    i.e. braaains. Now that is the stuff of nightmares.

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    Re: Evil Dead Rise analogous to hacking
    By: Ogg to All on Fri Apr 28 2023 07:22 pm

    I just watched Evil Dead Rise, the new movie about demonic possession,
    and I realized how similar it was to a really bad computer hacking incident.
    I think the comparison is a bit far fetched, but whatever works for you :-)

    The original Evil Dead movie is a bit of a cult classic, but it did nothing forme. The possessed came across as ridiculous clowns to me and the goring effectshaven't aged well either. NOt to mention the plot didn't have glue enough - ie.an explanation for why evil was on the lose in the cabin.


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