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    From Thumper@THEWASTE to All on Thursday, May 17, 2018 15:07:13
    Dianne Feinstein has one final goal before leaving office: a total ban on so-called ôassault weaponsö and ôhigh-capacityö magazines.

    ôI am not going to stop, ladies and gentleman, until we get these AR-15s
    off of the streets,ö she claims.

    Legislation has already been introduced to both the Senate and the House
    that would enact this ban, and they could be voted on at any time!

    Unlike the previous attempt, there is no sunset clause. Therefore, ARs,
    AKs, and many other modern sporting rifles could be outlawed forever.

    Millions of Americans would be incapable of fully exercising their Second Amendment rights and protecting their loved ones.

    But she prefers that you take Joe BidenÆs advice and ôbuy a shotgunö for self-defense because ôcivilians donÆt need assault weaponsö.

    Contrary to her claims, however, civilians donÆt own ôassault weaponsö.
    And, if there was a legitimate definition of the term, it might refer to
    the weapons that were banned more than 30 years ago.

    The firearms we currently own are constitutionally protected forms of self- defense, and many of them are at risk of prohibition or, maybe one day, confiscation.

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  • From MIKE POWELL@CAPCITY2/CAPCITY to THUMPER on Friday, May 18, 2018 10:38:00
    But she prefers that you take Joe Biden~s advice and ~buy a shotgun~ for self-defense because ~civilians don~t need assault weapons~.

    There are a bunch of dumbasses that say that but also cannot define what assault weapon really means. I have heard some folks use the term
    "military grade" instead, but that is also dangerous. A few years back,
    the government started buying up ammo of all sorts. Some thought it was in
    a bid to have all ammo (and guns that use it) defined as "military grade."

    I somehow don't see our government seriously sending any of our troops, or
    law enforcement, into harm's way armed with only a Ruger 10/22, but the government ultimately does define what is "military grade."

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