• Shell script issue; rsync error wtf

    From Brian Wallace@TIME/BATTLEST to Khelair on Sunday, February 14, 2016 08:44:02
    Re: Shell script issue; rsync error wtf
    By: Khelair to All on Sat Jun 13 2015 12:06 am

    I've been getting a lot of rsync errors the last month or so, I think it's rsync on 64 bit vs older 32 bit (and less) systems. Check the versions. You seem to say it works OK if you just copy and paste the command you want? I think that's because of buffering-pipes have limited buffer sizes and rsync uses pipes. rsync is more like a shell on top of scp, so when rsync fails I fall back to scp to get it done. I have a WDMyCloud which is Ubuntu under the hood, and rsync on that almost never fails, but my AMD 64 bit machine fails like crazy as the WDMyCloud and all my other systems are 32 bit. They started handling things differently with 64 bit systems and it's not all ironed out and compatable yet. Not sure if there's an option for that, but there might be, I haven't figured out my problems with it really, just know 64 bit vs 32 bit is part of it. I know that because all the 32 bit systems work together fine, it's just the 64 bit system that has problems to everything else. I'll try to let you know if I find a fix for my use as it should help yours too.

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