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    Re: What programming languages do y'all do
    By: Deavmi to All on Wed Nov 25 2015 11:14:20

    Nerd phallus waving time, wooot!

    I was just wondering what programming language do y'all do.

    Let's see here. I'm going to list all of the ones that I've coded in before, not just the ones that I'm confident in programming in now. I hope that is acceptable input. :)

    *) Atari Basic
    *) Basic XE (another Atari language)
    *) C
    *) C++ (don't remember the extensions barely at all for this any more)
    *) Perl (can't remember worth a damn)
    *) Python (really need to brush up here, too)
    *) JavaScript
    *) Visual C# (in the process of brushing up a bunch here)
    *) Pascal
    *) Bash/ksh/tcsh scripting
    *) Ruby (currently in the process of learning)
    *) just a _little_ bit of Selenium scripting for browser testing/automation
    *) a smidge of x86 assembly
    *) a smidge of 6502 assembly

    I think that's it...

    I want to see what languages are out there that i do.not.know.of.

    See anything new other than the Atari languages?

    Best wishes & hope you had a happy turkey day!


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