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    From Deavmi@TECHQRY to Argelian on Thursday, November 26, 2015 08:44:13
    Just a little update on the MetaLang project(don't know what MetaLang is? GO
    to this URL: https://metalangproject.github.io). Very recently I have been working on the standard library set for the MetaLang programming langauge (as I think starting with the standard library set allows me to think about how implementation of the interpreter will work). Anyway! :)

    I just wanted to post an update about the progress of the standard library (stdlib). Everything so far is working out well, we officially have the `math` package on a stable route (this package, the `math` package, contains libraries for doing mathematical computations. It includes a trigonometry library and a basic arithmetic library and more to come in the future).

    (I used the word we in this post, I know, but it's actually an individual project, I tend to do that. Sorry if it occurs later in this post. :))

    I will be continuing work on the `crypto` package soon (which contains, so far, a library for doing cryptographic one-way funct
    -ions, the libraries name is `hash`).

    There is now also a d
    ^ (this line is a mistake)

    There is also now a `time` package which hols two libraries which are the `date` library and the `time` library.

    Last but not least there is the `io` package which contains a library named `basic` which is used for basic console input and output and then there is a library named `
    file` which is used for advanced IO (I guess). Basically deleting files from disk, creating files and etc.

    And that's pretty much it. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I am sorry for all the framented peices of text.

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