• Hacking Windows like UNIX, Networking, Wizardry

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    To be uberhax0r you'll need to learn how computers work and how they tick at the Operating system level. You'll need to be willing to spend a great deal of time in front of a computer. When IBM PC's appeared afer years of cool micro- like the Apple II and later MS-DOS. At the time there was a lot of *nix and internet hacking plus phreaking, because everyone thought 80s hacking, the UNIX operating system, C, and *nix were influences that when incorporated into hacke r ethic at the time, time long after cyberpunk. Read all you can about computer , programming, Windows, *nix, Networking and you'll be in good shape.

    Windoze 95 is enough to start hacking. Although newer OS's have a lot to offer an uberhax0r, a true hacker could learn the internal workings of a computer sys tem, network access or not. Internet access is a plus. Microsoft OS's each have their own special functioning, similar to each other, although newer versions i ncorporated the most its most important featuress, making available a real Operating System with real Kernel that is not as robust as *nix, but has the me has the means to become a UNIX-like system, through effort; it takes work and k now-how. WinNT/Win2k are useful for workstation use, while Win98/WinME would be less advised but fun. Most favorable would be XP/Vista/7 and Windows Server 2003 (for security). Become adept at the Command Prompt and be an initiate of i its knowledge. UNIX files (not installed) or SFU Interix subsystem (installed) needed usually to make computer *nix (sometime).


    Output of each command could be sorted and parased according to extra commands and switches such as sort, find, findstr, etc.

    Search a computer using 'tree' or 'dir /S'



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    Re: Hacking Windows like UNIX, Networking, Wizardry
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    Why is this here?

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