• PostScript anyone?

    From Hemo@UJOINT to All on Tuesday, December 06, 2016 09:37:58
    Curious if anyone in listening range has ever programmed PostScript.

    Specifically looking at techniques to embed an image into the actual code.
    Not able to include the file from an external source, needs to be completely self-contained so the .ps/.eps file contains everything needed to render.

    The blue book has some neat ideas, but nothing really was fitting for a specific application I needed. I'm trying to accomplish things in a more automated fashion, where the PostScript is generated on the fly based on varying data, and an image is desired in a specific area. The image size can vary, as long as it falls within the designated area dimensions.

    So far, the best approach I have is to use a script and *nix tools to convert the image (jpg/png/etc) to be within the size dimensions, then convert to an
    EPS file, then parse the EPS to get the dimesions from PageBoundingBox. I also strip out the Pages, Page, and PageTrailer from the resulting EPS created by convert. Then I follow the basic idea here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2948683/embed-eps-file-in-ps
    using the dimensions I parsed from PageBoundingBox to populate the BBox procedure.

    It works, it's kludgy. Always open to new ideas and possibly better processes.
    My biggest problem is that there is no one in my organization that has ever worked in PostScript, alone in a barrel, so to speak.


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