• Visual Studio Code?

    From jagossel@KK4QBN to All on Thursday, December 15, 2016 18:04:52
    I know that I have mentioned, recently, that I do use Geany when I do use the GUI (Windows or XFCE4). However, that is typically for when I need to view individual files or if I need to paste large text (e.g. XML or JSON).

    Now, when it comes to working on small side projects, I have been finding myself using Visual Studio Code both at work (using Windows 10) and at home (using Manjaro); primarily, to write up PowerShell scripts, Vagrant files, Chef recipes, and Packer templates. It has been a really nice tool to use, especially with the integrated terminal and Git source code management features.

    So, does anyone else use Visual Studio Code? If so, do you use it for side projects or large-scale projects? I am not really asking for the finer details, but more on a high-level detail.

    And, yes, you have read correctly: Visual Studio Code on Manjaro GNU/Linux. :) They do have Visual Studio Code available for the top 3 platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX). And, yes, it is open source:
    - https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode

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