• Developing in a Docker Container?

    From jagossel@KK4QBN to All on Thursday, March 09, 2017 23:38:09
    I have an idea for my first microservice in a container; it does really have to be in a contain (specifically, a GNU/Linux container since the tools I need for this microservice is only available in GNU/Linux [maybe in other POSIX systems as well, not sure]). I plan on doing a RESTful API with a single-page app; thus leaving choices in what framework to use: LAMP, MEAN, or ASP.NET Core).

    Has anyone work with Docker containers (specifically, Docker Toolbox on Windows) in their development environment? Where do I even get started on writting an app in a contain?

    I am not hard-set on just using Docker either. The first attempt at containerizations was with Vagran and Chef, so having Docker s not a requirement.

    Thoughts? Directions?

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