• Re: NBA Lockout

    From cogniben77@TRN to thinktank on Friday, January 06, 2012 16:58:20
    Best thing about the #NBALockout... No Lakers! Yay!

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    well hold on there, it would have been nice that the lakers were out of the picture, but, that is not the case. the nba is well underway with the end of the nba lockout. start of a season though it is a abbreviated season. now i don't know at this point the win loss record for the lakers so far. maybe someone can provide that information. as for my team the nj nets which will soon be known as the ny nets or brooklyn nets. which basically means that i can't root for them anymore. now back to your statement above,
    it should now say "lakers are back, but, depending on the win and loss record will determine if you had to eat those words.


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