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    Today is a sad day. Today is the last NASCAR race covered by FOX this season. They by far have the best coverage for NASCAR races.


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    Tell me about it, without FOX i loose coverage on how the seas is going. Of course the place i live at only allow people with attennas to able to watch television. Unless we are lucky to be able to catch a NASCAR race on a cable channel downstairs. Did you know we have 240 people living the place i live at and have three television's in the lobby two big and one big, but, not as big as the other two televisions. My point is unless someo is watching TNT or NASCAR on a cable channel downstairs i have no luck in watching another race. IRL or indy is another one that i have no idea what the heck is going on. Only that
    FOX covered a race for F1 and stated that i was 1 out of 3 that they
    were going to cover this year. So when it comes to INDY, NASCAR, and F1 that i have no luck to keep up with them. Other than using the internet and be able to check out their websights for more info. The only local channels i get in my room are CBS<NBC<FOX>MY 9> and NJN channels. Sure there free using a attenna, but, i am used to Direct TV and cable.

    There are 4 more races for IRL on ABC. Iowa Speedway is tomorrow 1PM EDT. And tomorrow is a F1 race on FOX.

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    first i like to apologize for my late late reply to this message.
    of course i don't have abc on my local antenna line up. so unless i share a cable tv downstairs to watch races on channel 7. that there is not much luck to seeing much of irl or indy car. also speaking of irl, it sure was a bad year last year of 2011. since dan weldon or someone else got killed as he got caught up in a very messy and deadly accident at fast speeds on the race
    i am sure you are more knowledgeable than i am in this area. since i only knew about this from the news or sports news. of course knowing the news stations they always cover anything bad like that happening in any sport where someone gets hurt badly or killed. i like to take a moment of silence for a great race car driver that died last year in 2011 in irl or indy car.

    also a quick note, that danica patrick is showing up in nascar season this year of 2012. sure does look like it be very intersting to how
    she can handle them boys or men on the race track in a nascar stock car. i am sure she will do fine, and probably make nascar more popular as she does it.


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