• St. Louis Rams leaving St. Louis?

    From Orion Blastar@CSTRVLV to All on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 01:29:11
    Under contract if the City of St. Louis does not repair or build them a domed stadium they have the right to move the team to another city.

    I think we went through this with the Cardnials before, anyone remember? Anyone remember the original Busch Stadium that had the Baseball and Football Cardnials in it? Yet we had to build a brand new Stadium for the Rams, and then a new one for the Blues when the Barn/Dome got torn down, and then again for the Baseball Cardnials. Money that was supposed to go to pay off debts, fix highways, and fix our public school system went for sports stadiums. Anyone besides me upset over that? I live in St. Louis, MO and the County and I am very upset that the priorities are for sports teams and not for the people who pay the taxes for those stadiums and get little to nothing back for it. Money from ticket sales was supposed to go fix the highways, public schools, and pay off the debt, but instead they went into rich pockets yet again!

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