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    From cogniben77@TRN to All on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 17:50:15

    i would like to take a moment to discuss something that i been struggling with for years that the sport of golf been on television. i can completely understand the interest in the sport of golf, but, i don't understand to how you can watch it from start to finish on a tv screen. being in person to a event like a pro golf event is much more exciting or entertaining than sitting at home and watching the game on the golf channel or on the local stations through the weekend. the one thing i like about golf is the fact that you play a sport that is close to nature. with the grass,
    trees, wind and rain. birds and other noises that are picked up by the microphones that are highly sensitive. i for one as far as i can remember never been to a live event when it comes to the sport of pro golf. and that
    is probably why i am having a tough time to watch it on tv. i think the sport is interesting at times that you can watch for hours. i also have to bring up auto racing with nascar and indy car. i have been to some events locally of course with indy car. never been to a nascar race. except instead of
    watching something that is considered boring unless you are able to follow the announcers or commentator and the scoring. that yo could easily get hooked to the sport. except one thing, it is like watching paint dry on a fresh painted wall or just staring at the tv screen watching men and women hit small golf balls around and there can be only one winner in the end. another thing, that i hav enoitcied is that both bascar and golf take forever to run it's course
    on broadcast television. so that is why i find it hard to watch golf. nascar is a bit more interesting though i also find it boring at times. i am not trying to knock any of the two sports. i am just simply voicing my opinion
    to why it is hard to watch the sport of nascar racing and men and women play golf. tennis is another sport, but, i won't rag on and on about all the
    other sports. since then i would be writing a book about how sports affects people in many postive and negative ways. i will end here.


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