• no wrestling conference

    From cogniben77@TRN to All on Thursday, September 13, 2012 15:08:43

    i know that there is no wrestling conference in the sports discussion or other subjects. i just like to take the time to discuss something that happened for real to a well known hall of famer wrestler named Jerry The King Lawler. what happened was that near the end of the broadcast
    of raw this past week that Jerry Lawler fell out of his seat, which was not caught on camera. where he collapsed from an unknown medical reason. from updates that were given that they the ems workers did cpr on him and applied oxygen. from the final report that it seemed like whatever happened we will know in up coming wwe wrestling events. or tv shows. thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends during this difficult time. i thank anyone who is a wrestling fan even though the sport isn't considered real. that real injuries do occur to wrestlers and in this latest case a passing out spell for THE KING JERRY LAWLER. from what i gather they are running tests on him and i am sure from what was said that he will make a full recovery. just not quite sure
    what actually happened. again for those that watch wrestling, just please understand that the event with jerry lawler was not fake and it was real and that he will be ok. we shall see from the pay per view or next monday nights broadcast of raw to how better he is doing.



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