• are you tired of new york?

    From cogniben77@TRN to All on Friday, October 12, 2012 16:57:56

    i just want to take a moment to talk about the subject line which
    is are you tired of the new york yankees baseball team. i truly thought the baltimore orioles would have done much better in beating the yankees. but it don't look like that is happening tonight. unless baltimore wins the next two games and find a way to win. every year in the post season it is the same thing over and over. where we have to see the new york yankees in the post season. i think it is really unfair to other teams that play hard, but, don't have the money to dominate with the best players since most of the best
    players are ending up in new york. all i can do is root against the yankees, though i live in the local area. i am not alone in this. there are a lot of people who are fans of other teams in or out of the post season that wished
    the yankees would just stop buying their way into the post season and winning games. sooner or later it has to stop, since i know for a fact that the last thing we need to see is another parade down the canyon of heroes in new york city for the yankees winning the world series again. if they eliminated the yankees from baseball all together which isn't going to happen. that you
    would see a lot of other teams have a better chance to compete and win in the post season and world series.


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