• Week 2

    From tbirdsradio@TBIRDS to All on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 14:09:24
    Week #2 was a total bust for me! Just another reason to love this game. To use an entertainment reference, "Any Given Sunday!".

    Cowboys hung on but paid a heavy price. Romo out for possibly 8+ weeks. Already without Dez Bryant. Can they hold on?

    Chicago has now lost back to back home games. Arizona crushed Da Bears by putting a 48 pack on em'! Cutler tosses yet another interception and then
    goes down claiming a hurt hammy. Out for the remainder.

    Same ole same ole. Watching the replay it's hard to believe he couldn't tape up and get back out there. Where's the heart? Not to be mean spirited, but it's a reflection of his actions from seasons past...

    Doesn't seem like he has any team spirit. Maybe it's a good time to go ahead and sit him for the season. I mean it's just too heard to watch!!!

    Honorable mentions go to Tampa Bay. Great to see Lovie & Co. get their first win of the season.

    Oakland Raiders. Did you really think they weren't gonna play hard for Coach Del Rio ? Awesome victory over the Ravens.

    The Pack is back! What a dominant 4th quarter performance over the Seahawks.
    I know it's early and i hate to admit it but damn they look sharp!

    The defending Superbowl 49 Champions proved why they are still the dominant team in the AFC East. Brady threw the ball 59 times for 466 yards.

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