• 1st Down BBS League "NFL Pre-season" Practice Ticket (wk.3)

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    Greetings NFL Fans,
    Here is an example of our "League Ticket", used in our season contest. Thought it would be a good idea to show how it works for anyone who may be still on the fence about playing or for any veterans who may want to get some reps in before the season starts. It's also good practice for me & important to note that some things on the form may change before the beginning of the season. -----------------------------------------------------------------
    NFL Pre-season Week 3 Schedule:

    Thursday, August 25th
    ATL at MIA =
    DAL at SEA =

    Friday, August 26th
    NE at CAR =
    BUF at WAS =
    PIT at NO =
    CLE at TB =
    GB at SF =

    Saturday, August 27th
    KC at CHI =
    PHI at IND =
    DET at BAL =
    NYG at NYJ =
    TEN at OAK =
    STL at DEN =

    Sunday, August 28th
    SD at MIN =
    ARI at HOU =
    CIN at JAC =

    * NOTES: a) 16 Total Games so make sure you have 16 total picks to get credit b) List picks in order of games listed. Mixed and matched entries will not be accepted this season.

    The preferred method of posting a fresh game ticket/submission, is to simply copy and paste the schedule and put your picks to the right of the equal sign. Tickets that simply post your picks in succession will be rejected. "Example: dal,den,gb,was,cle,oak,bal,mia, etc...etc

    There are some other guidelines that will be ironed out in the near future such as a rule/play book that will be made public and as a download for participating Sysops.

    That's it for now. Questions/Comments/Game Tickets anyone? Have fun!

    ... Do what you will with this tagline, just don't bother me about it!

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