• **Flash Back** Nov.4, 2006

    From tbirdsradio@TBIRDS to All on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 14:56:53
    Found this "NFL Pick'em" Flashback from November, 2006: *************************************
    Here is how our league picks stacks up against HBO's "Inside the NFL"
    hosts picks;

    1. Chris Carter : 72W-42L
    2. Cris Collinsworth: 71W-43L
    3. Bob Costas : 70W-44L
    4. Dan Marino : 70W-44L

    DoveLeague BBS Overall Player stats:

    Jazzman : 75W-39L
    Ralph : 71W-43L
    Access Denied : 66W-44L
    Death : 63W-50L
    Sniper : 58W-40L
    Lizard Master : 54W-44L (DC) Finnigann : 11W-18L (nts)

    Not to shabby.

    If I remember, Sniper, LM & Finni all said they were done with bbsing shortly after this season ended. I know they wouldn't be the only ones that have felt that way at one time or another. Sending out the fall-like esp signals in hopes that some of them will return. <BG>

    ... Please don't ask me what the score is. I'm not even sure what the game is.

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