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    BBS Sports NFL "Pick'em" Week#5 OGT
    Thursday, October 06th
    ARI at SF = ARI
    Sunday, October 09th
    NE at CLE = NE
    PHI at DET = PHI
    CHI at IND = CHI
    TEN at MIA = TEN
    WAS at BAL = BAL
    HOU at MIN = MIN
    NYJ at PIT = PIT
    ATL at DEN = DEN
    CIN at DAL = DAL
    BUF at LA = LA
    SD at OAK = OAK
    NYG at GB = GB
    Monday, October 10th
    TB at CAR = CAR

    "Cap Boso? How could I cut a guy with a name like that?"

    -Chicago Bears Coach Mike Ditka, slurring on booze a bit, about his back up
    tight end

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