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    From tbirdsradio@TBIRDS to All on Monday, June 05, 2017 11:14:15
    Wanted to pass on what I heard this morning and thought to be some rockin' fun news for the NFL and our Dovenet Dovebowl community...

    "Are you ready for some football?" ESPN is bringing back Hank Williams Jr.,as well as a new version of the "Are you ready for some football?" theme. The catchphrase will debut during the Sept.11th matchup between the Saints and Vikings. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "In Montana, they renamed a town after an all-time great, Joe Montana. Well, a town in Massachusetts changed their name to honor my guy Terry Bradshaw-- Marblehead." - Howie Long ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TBird's Radio Network - Great Music, Great Radio! - www.tbirdsradio.com

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