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    FidoNet Antiques and Vintage collections Echo
    The Antiques and Vintage collections echo is a place where
    questions can be asked or answered about antiques and vintage
    collectible items. It's not generally for 'not-so-old' computer
    hardware you've got packed away, but really old computers
    may be discussed (Classic Computers, etc.). People who
    have antiques to sell or those would like to buy are encouraged
    to post, as well as those looking for the existence of a
    particular item from early/unknown manufacturers. Inquiries
    regarding identifying antiques like types of furniture,
    etc. (shaker, victorian, early American, etc.) are welcome,
    as are inquiries about and discussions of Early American
    silver, dinnerware, and related objects. A repository of
    photos is maintained at http://www.filegate.net/antiquefile/
    You will be able to upload your photos for people to see.
    Uploads of photos are limited to the topics of this echo.
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    Moderators: Janis Kracht, 1:261/38, janis@filegate.net
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