• Zonegate solved!

    From Renato Zambon@1:218/903 to All on Saturday, July 20, 2002 18:41:22
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    The problem is: -both- FD and FE are considering the destination (if
    the sender choose thus) as 4:4/2 (stored in *.msg header) instead of
    the aka indicated in INTL+TOPT kludges. Happens with 4:4/<not4>
    zonegates to any <not4>:* destinations.

    Hi All, Barry found the solution :-) O/T-Track can solve it with the
    "Strip ZONEGate" [Tracker/Switches] option:

    "Whether O/T shall adjust the address information in the message header.
    If set to STRIP ZONEGATE, O/T will ALWAYS equalize the address in the
    message header with the destination address found in the kludge lines.
    This way the ZONEGATE information will be stripped."

    Seems that both FD and FE needs a 3rd util to handle netmails actually
    sent via zonegates...


    # Origin: HidraSoft BBS * Aruja', SP, Brasil * 55-11-4654-2024 * (4:801/161)
    * Origin: Baddog BBS (1:218/903)