• FE setup for a new node

    From Philip Lozier@1:267/169 to All on Monday, April 03, 2006 12:25:58
    Hello guys,

    I see there are a few responses here related to the needs of the new node setup
    I mentioned. Thank you to all who responded.

    This week has been ridiculously busy for me (but that's a good thing... kaching
    $$$) and I haven't really had time to even address anything I had planned for this week wrt fidonet.

    I do have a lapse coming midweek and after I review the suggestions you fine helpful fellows have posted I will see what works best for him. I thank you again, and since it's been several days since I responded or posted I don't want you all to think I wasn't paying attention... I was. I just need to have the time to sit and actually make it work for this guy while I have time to make sure my efforts aren't rushed by other responsibilities.

    It's nice to see the amount of feedback I got... feels like FidoNet again :)


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