• RNtrack 2.2.1

    From Carlos Navarro@2:341/234.5 to All on Sunday, February 20, 2022 14:00:48
    New RNtrack version 2.2.1 available.

    Michael Dukelsky announced he was no longer involved in this project, but made some changes recently and gave his latest source code.

    Max Vasilyev has fixed the broken builds for DOS, OS/2 and Win32 (after 2.0.2 upgrade smapi library from v.2.4.1 to v.2.5.1.). You can download them here:

    FAQ available at the GitHub repo:

    (changelog in English at the end of the forwarded message)

    * Forwarded from RU.FTRACK
    * Originally by: Max Vasilyev (2:5057/77), 19 Feb 2022 19:33.
    * Originally to: All.

    Hello All!

    î¿σ´ äπ¬Ñ½∞߬¿⌐ ΓπΓ ó øσÑ «íΩ∩ó¿½, τΓ« RNtrack í«½∞ΦÑ ¡Ñ ºá¡¿¼áÑΓß∩.
    H« fork ßó«¿σ »«ß½Ññ¡¿σ ¿ßσ«ñ¡¿¬«ó ßñѽáΓ∞ ñá½.

    ƒ »«»αáó¿½ »«½«¼á¡πε ßí«α¬π »«ñ dos, os/2, win32 »«ß½Ñ ¿º¼Ñ¡Ñ¡¿⌐ óÑαß¿¿ 2.0.2 upgrade smapi library from v.2.4.1 to v.2.5.1.

    ùΓ« »α¿ øΓ«¼ ß½«¼á½ - ó«»α«ß :-)

    åѽáεΘ¿Ñ »«¡áßΓπ»áΓ∞ ¡á úαáí½¿ ¼«úπΓ ß¬áτáΓ∞ dos, win32, os/2 óÑαß¿¿ ¡á: https://sites.google.com/view/vasilyevmax/

    éßÑ ó«»α«ßδ ¿ «ΓóÑΓδ ¿ß¬áΓ∞ ó github, ¬« ¼¡Ñ ¡Ñ »α¿ßΓáóáΓ∞ :-) https://github.com/vasilyevmax/rntrack/

    諼π ¡πª¡δ ¬á¬¿Ñ-Γ« ¿º¼Ñ¡Ñ¡¿∩ - ñѽáÑΓÑ fork ¿ ó»ÑαÑñ.


    2.2.1 2022-02-19 (tag "v2.2.1")
    # fixed DOS/DJGPP, OS2/EMX, Windows' Cygwin and MSVC6 compilation
    # set DefaultConfig to "rntrack.cfg" for Windows OS
    # split OsType /Win to /W64 and /W32

    2.2.0 2022-01-08 (tag "v2.2.0")
    ! restrict the MSGID length by eight hex digits.

    2.1.16 2022-01-08 (tag "v2.1.16")
    # update INSTALL file taking into account the migration from svn.
    # add "build_rpm" for building a rntrack.rpm;
    add .gitignore to ignore "result/" directory created by "build_rpm"
    # changes in rntrack.spec:
    add "BuildRequires: perl(ExtUtils::Embed)";
    use %make_build and %make_install; remove unnecessary code;
    use DEBUG=1 ENABLE_SCRIPTS=1 options.
    # define ROOTDIR and use it in other variables;
    remove "result" subdirectory while running distclean.
    The subdirectory is created by `build_rpm`.
    # reorganize makefiles to include "smapi/makefile.lnx"
    instead of using recursive make. Now calling the
    makefile again does not result in a rebuild. Parallel
    build is now possible.
    # add DEBUG option to Makefile

    2.1.15 2022-01-03 (tag "v2.1.15")
    # set version to 2.1.15 (tag "v2.1.15")
    # change BUG-REPORTING and README.md after migration from svn
    # rename README to README.md
    # migrate the project from svn to git

    2.1.14 2021-06-06 (Subversion rev.339)
    ! Update gentoo ebuilds: fix EAPI 7 support
    ! Update gentoo ebuilds: add forgotten ebuild for the version 2.1.10
    # Update gentoo ebuilds: switch to EAPI=7, add a ebuild for the version 2.1.10

    WBR, Max.
    -+- ߬πτáε »« FleetStreet'π :-(((
    @ Origin: Personal Reality (2:5057/77)

    --- WinPoint 398.2
    * Origin: cyberiada winpoint point (2:341/234.5)