• A: Msged/TE 6.0.0 is now available!

    From Tobias Ernst@2:2476/418.15 to All on Tuesday, November 27, 2001 09:01:56


    The Husky team is proud to announce the release of Msged/TE 6.0.0, a new
    version of the famous "Msged" Fidonet message reader and editor, and of
    Smapi 2.0.0, a new version of the Squish Message API that now also supports
    the JAM message format. See below for a list of new features and caveats
    for the installation.


    You can get the following files from
    or via File Request from: 2:240/2186, 2:240/2187, 2:240/2188, 1:106/2000

    msge600o.zip Msged/TE 6.0.0 OS/2 Binaries and INF Documentation
    msge600d.zip Msged/TE 6.0.0 16-bit DOS Binaries and TXT Documentation
    msge600x.zip Msged/TE 6.0.0 32-bit DOS-extended Binaries and TXT Docs.
    msge600l.zip Msged/TE 6.0.0 Linux (libc6) binaries and info documentation.
    msge600m.zip Msged/TE 6.0.0 User Manual in PS, INF, HTML and TXT format.
    msge600s.zip Msged/TE 6.0.0 source (also avail. as: msged-6.0.0-src.tar.gz)
    smapi200.zip SMAPI 2.0.0 source code (a.a.a: smapi-2.0.0-src.tar.gz)
    hubse020.zip Huskybse 0.2.0 info texts (a.a.a.: huskybse-0.2.0-src.tar.gz)

    Important Note for Unix Users of the Husky Project Software:

    Msged 6.0 requires Smapi 2.0. However, the last stable releases of all
    other Husky programs presently require Smapi 1.6.4. Before trying to
    compile and install Smapi 2.0 and Msged 6.0, please read the file
    DEPENDENCIES found in the Huskybse package. It contains a section on how
    to run both versions of Smapi simultaneously. Or wait until new versions
    of hpt etc. are released that will work with Smapi 2.0.

    For more information about the Husky project, visist

    New Features of Msged/TE 6.0 as compared to Msged/TE 05 include:

    - Support for the JAM message base format.

    - Updated CHRS kludge support to FSP 1013. New support for Codepages
    865,866,KOI8-R,ISO 8859-5. Msged now fully supports the Russian and
    Ukrainian languages. This requires some configuration changes even
    for Non-Russian users. Be sure to read the Changes section in
    - Support for many new flags and the FLAGS kludge.
    - Support for the TZUTC kludge.

    - Support for Husky "Fidoconfig" type tosser configuration file.
    - Support for a GEcho 1.20 type tosser configuration file.

    - Menu interface for file import/export.

    - Msged can find files case-insensitively on a UNIX file system.
    - Auto-recognition of the terminal window size on UNIX.

    - Tons of bug fixes and other minor new features.

    Thank you for your attention and support.

    Kind Regards,
    Tobias Ernst.

    --- Msged/2 6.0.0
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  • From Tobias Ernst@2:2476/418.15 to All on Tuesday, November 27, 2001 09:05:10
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    Hallo All!

    msge600o.zip Msged/TE 6.0.0 OS/2 Binaries and INF

    I knew I'd miss something:

    msge600w.zip Msged/TE 6.0.0 Win32 Binaries and HTML Documentaiton.

    Grumble ;-)

    Viele Grüße,

    --- Msged/2 6.0.0
    * Origin: We love MsgEd ... (2:2476/418.15)