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    From Sean Rima@2:263/950 to Barry Blackford on Tuesday, February 12, 2002 17:18:20
    Barry Blackford was alleged to have said to Steven Horn
    something about 23 Female with new website - sexy pics of me.nws 449 bytes

    Hello there Steven!

    12 Feb 02 at 14:53, Steven Horn writes to David Wade Hagar:

    It looks like someone was trying to spam through www.fidotel.com.
    contacted the sysadmin to complain.

    Quite so, but I personally don't think a "complaint" is what is needed or helps, I'm sure you meant to say you have advised him of the
    indisgression of
    his user :-)

    See Z1_BACKBONE and WWB_SYSOP for the problems this has caused me.


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  • From Steven Horn@1:17/67 to Kay Shapero on Saturday, February 16, 2002 17:07:40
    Kay Shapero (1:102/524) wrote to Steven Horn at 12:41 on 13 Feb 2002:

    Everyone did - and the sysop dealt with the problem quite
    efficiently. For details see the FIDONEWS echo, and for that
    matter next issue of FIDONEWS.

    I got my own bulletin which explained what had happened succinctly.:-) Some users amaze me.

    Take care,

    Steven Horn (shorn@yknet.ca)
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