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    From Gerald Miller@1:342/512 to All on Tuesday, June 25, 2002 18:35:41
    Hello All,

    I picked up a little utility:


    Redate archive files to the date of the newest file within.
    Contains C source code.

    I have to report that there is a "cosmetic" (???) bug within the
    executable. For example:

    === d:\files\bfds\redate.log ===
    --== 03-30-02 05:58 ==--
    TSBAT74.ZIP 223724 1-01-80 0:00 A large collection of useful batch
    files & batch programming tricks from
    Prof. Timo Salmi
    Resetting file date on D:\FILES\BFDS\TSBAT74.ZIP to 3/28/102 12:14:58
    === End ===

    I received this file through the FileGate and for some reason
    the date and time of the archive is not consistent with the files
    within. I use Redate on all archives coming to *my* system to
    have the date / time of the archive be representative of the
    files within....

    The "bug" that I alluded to is the fact that while Redate sets
    (and displays) the month and day correctly, the year notation is
    what I find questionable. Note: I did not detect any problem
    with the time stamp.

    Would someone be agreeable to try a hand at revising the source

    A. Fix the little "Year" problem.

    B. Expand the source to handle #_MORE_# archive formats.

    Just my wish list......

    Cheers ... Gerald

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