• NC's and RC's! Get your Customized BBS Dialer!

    From Ed Williams@1:128/148 to All on Tuesday, March 25, 2003 09:41:24
    *PeopleComm Releases Free Customized Windows BBS Terminal Program!

    PeopleComm Floppy Disk Version 1.01a is finally out of beta testing and
    is ready to be released. PeopleComm is a freeware program that allows
    people to call and use BBS's. This program has several wonderful

    Works on Telnet or Dialup!
    Created for FIDONET BBS's ONLY!
    Customized for your NET or REGION FOR FREE!
    Works under Win95+, including XP.
    Works on Serial or WinModems.
    The only needed to configure is the phone/telnet numbers!
    No messy port selections, irq settings, baud rate questions!
    Supports ZModem download and BBS Ansi graphics.
    Auto-ZModem Detect!
    Installs from a SETUP.EXE file!
    Able to Install/Uninstall from Windows!
    Supports Restricted Telnet addresses!
    PeopleComm's EXE Fit's on a FLOPPY! And needs no Setup to run!
    The Setup program put's an icon on the desktop and in All Programs!

    This program was written to allow sysop's to easily get users back on
    their BBS's. This program, requires only ONE file to run, that is the executable file. A setup.exe file will fit on a floppy as well, and
    leaves about 600K extra space for your own files, plus it does all the
    stuff users expect from windows programs (install/uninstall).

    It's so easy to run it's scary! After startup, simply select
    Telephone or Telnet connection and check the Phone Number or Telnet
    Numbers and you're online!

    BUT, as it's a FIDONET ONLY BBS Dialer, there is no way to add any
    BBS's to the list it comes with. That ability will come with a future
    and much more enhanced (but it won't fit on a floppy) version of
    PeopleComm. SO What do you do to get your BBS Listed???

    Simple! Any RC or NC can request a customized copy for their regions
    free of charge. Information will be sent to them upon request as to
    what information is needed on the BBS's to be added for your area.
    Once that information is received, it will be added and a customized
    version will be sent to your RC/NC.

    The standards for this program were that it be all contained in one
    executable file, and that it fit on a floppy. That a setup.exe be
    created that would allow for easy installation into windows. That it
    allow for the user to change/modify Download/Upload directories,
    telnet addresses, and phone numbers to their liking. That it provide
    some information about that BBS within the program itself. It has met
    these requirements.

    As the author of this version of PeopleComm, I want to assure you that
    the ONLY reason I'm doing this is because I loved doing it, and that I
    love and support Fidonet. I believe in getting programmers back into
    Fidonet, and I believe that we can do so much more than we're doing
    now. By encouraging Nets and Regions to work together to make their
    own version I feel we will grow as a Net. By restricting the program
    to Fidonet BBS's, I feel we will encourage growth within fidonet, and
    hopefully a return to actual BBS's being in the nodelist. And lastly,
    by making it customizeable by geography, I feel it will engender a
    sense of community among Sysops, as well as callers.

    If you're interested in programming, are good at creating standards,
    enjoy doing artwork, and would like to contribute to the
    CD/Downloadable version of PeopleComm, please check out
    www.peoplecomm.org or write info@goblinsreach.org

    You may freq a Region 15 version of this program from here with the
    magic name PCOMM at 1:128/148, or IREX request at

    You may also download it off the Internet at www.peoplecomm.org

    Ed Williams

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