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    Lulu the Kangaroo Saves Farmer (Reuters)

    Reuters - A kangaroo named Lulu was hailed a hero Monday for saving an
    unconscious Australian farmer by alerting the man's wife and leading
    her to where he lay trapped under a fallen tree branch.

    Fur Flies as 7,000 Mink Released (Reuters)

    Reuters - Some 7,000 mink were released Sunday night from a fur farm in
    northwest Finland, with no group yet claiming responsibility, officials
    said Monday.

    Passengers in Near-Miss with Train on Track (Reuters)

    Reuters - French state rail operator SNCF said Monday it was launching
    an investigation into how passengers walking on a railway track after
    their train broke down narrowly missed being run over by another train.

    Rent-A-Husband Comes to Aid of Russian Women (Reuters)

    Reuters - Nina Rakhmanina is single.

    Putting the Muzzle on 92 'Dangerous' Dog Breeds (Reuters)

    Reuters - Italy is cracking down on dangerous dogs after a spate of pit
    bull attacks, but its new law ordering muzzles and insurance for no
    less than 92 breeds has met with howls of anger.

    Another Second-Hand Sub Springs Leak (Reuters)

    Reuters - Canada's ill-starred purchase of four used submarines from
    Britain ran into more troubled waters on Friday when it emerged that a
    serious leak had forced one sub to make an emergency surfacing.

    Notable Quotes (Reuters)

    Reuters - They really said it -- notable quotes from the news:

    Highway Blocked by 800 Baby Pigs (Reuters)

    Reuters - Interstate 40, the main east-west highway in Oklahoma, was
    closed for several hours on Thursday when about 800 baby pigs spilled
    on to the road after the truck transporting them overturned, police
    said on Friday.

    Police Find Artillery Range Gone to Pot (Reuters)

    Reuters - Canadian military police have seized close to 1,000 marijuana
    plants that were brazenly growing on an artillery range, an army
    spokesman said on Friday.

    Mom Sues After Finding Tooth in Chicken Soup (Reuters)

    Reuters - A Utah woman has sued the Campbell Soup Co., saying she found
    a tooth in the chicken soup she served her 13-month-old son last year
    and now is afraid to eat soup, her attorney said.

    3 Feet of Feces Dug Up in Home of 130 Cats (AP)

    AP - Cats were literally coming out of the walls of this south side

    Hungarians get horny (Reuters)

    Reuters - Forget Latin lovers -- horny Hungarians are now the most
    active between the sheets, leading a charge of eastern Europeans in the
    global sex charts.

    Lulu the Kangaroo Helps Save Farmer (AP)

    AP - An unlikely hero hopped onto the scene when a farmer suffered
    serious head injuries after being hit by a falling branch.

    Wife reckless? Hubby morose? Blame the cat (Reuters)

    Reuters - Kicking the cat may be a metaphor about venting frustrations
    on the innocent family feline, but could it be that Snowball really is
    to blame?

    Moose Clobbers Hunter, Tosses Him in Air (AP)

    AP - A bull moose charged at a hunter, clobbering him with his antlers
    and tossing him through the air two days before the start of the
    Maine's split, two-week moose hunt.

    Lulu the Kangaroo does a "Skippy" (Reuters)

    Reuters - A kangaroo named Lulu has been hailed a hero for saving an
    unconscious Australian farmer by alerting the man's wife and leading
    her to where he lay trapped under a fallen tree branch.

    Thousands of Minks Freed in Finland Raid (AP)

    AP - Unidentifed intruders released more than 7,000 minks from their
    cages in the middle of the night, the biggest raid on a mink farm in
    Finland, farmers and officials said Monday.

    Rural dream can disappoint (Reuters)

    Reuters - People who swap city stress for a quiet house in the country
    risk depression and may yearn for their old life, a survey has found.

    University Prods Women to Dress Modestly (AP)

    AP - Appalled by female students who wear short, tight school uniforms,
    a Bangkok university is planning to raffle off diamond and gold jewelry
    to coeds who dress more modestly.

    U.S. gondola maker rows against tide (Reuters)

    Reuters - It is impossible to imagine Venice without elegant, black
    gondolas plying its canals, but the centuries-old art of building them
    has been teetering on extinction.

    Kentucky Town Wants to Cash in on Crater (AP)

    AP - An eastern Kentucky town that has been struggling through economic
    decline is hoping that an out-of-this-world attraction can help turn
    things around.

    Reagan letters give views from sex to communism (Reuters)

    Reuters - A new book of personal letters written by Ronald Reagan lays
    out the former U.S. president's views on topics from sex to communism
    and includes a discussion with Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner about free

    School Makes Girls Wear Trash Bag Skirts (AP)

    AP - Two Bronx girls reportedly had to wear skirts made of trash bags to
    class as a punishment for coming to school in jeans rather than their

    Replica Wright Flyer needs a lift (Reuters)

    Reuters - One hundred years after the Wright Brothers first took to the
    skies, a replica of their legendary airplane has failed to fly because
    there wasn't enough wind.

    Four Get Jail for Selling Foul Poultry (AP)

    AP - Four members of a gang led by a businessman nicknamed "Maggot Pete"
    were sentenced to prison Friday for selling condemned poultry to
    supermarkets, schools and hospitals across Britain.

    Beer drinkers march to Oktoberfest (Reuters)

    Reuters - Thousands of beer drinkers from around the world, many in
    traditional Bavarian lederhosen, have flocked to Munich on for the
    largest and most famous beer festival on earth, the Oktoberfest.

    Buddhist Monk Completes Seven-Year Run (AP)

    AP - A Buddhist priest dubbed the "marathon monk" has completed an
    ancient running ritual in the remote Japanese mountains that took seven
    years and covered a distance equivalent to a trip round the globe,
    wearing only a flowing white robe and flimsy straw sandals.

    U.S. soldier kills Baghdad tiger (Reuters)

    Reuters - A U.S. soldier has shot dead a rare Bengal tiger at Baghdad
    zoo after the animal injured another soldier who was trying to feed it
    through the cage bars, the zoo's manager says.

    USOC Nixes 'Rat Olympics' in Nebraska (AP)

    AP - For 29 years, furry white athletes competed in the Rat Olympics:
    the long jump, rope climb, tightrope walk, five-yard hurdles and

    Moon brings green power to Arctic homes (Reuters)

    Reuters - Homes on the Arctic tip of Norway have started getting power
    from the moon via a unique subsea power station driven by the rise and
    fall of the tide.

    Brazil Imposes Ban on Sexy Alcohol Ads (AP)

    AP - Television alcohol advertisements featuring scantily clad models
    will be banned in Brazil under new guidelines issued by the
    self-regulating ad council of Latin America's largest country.

    Artillery range gone to pot (Reuters)

    Reuters - Canadian military police have seized close to 1,000 marijuana
    plants that were brazenly growing on an artillery range, an army
    spokesman says.

    Fossil of 1,545-Pound Rodent Discovered (AP)

    AP - A rodent the size of a buffalo? Researchers say they have found
    fossils for a 1,545-pound giant that thrived millions of years ago in a
    swampy South American forest.

    Company declares war on staff e-mail (Reuters)

    Reuters - The owner of one of Britain's biggest mobile phone chains has
    declared war on e-mail, banning staff from sending electronic missives
    to co-workers in a move he says will save the company millions of
    pounds each year.

    Woman Says She Found Tooth in Can of Soup (AP)

    AP - A woman who says she found a human tooth in a can of Campbell's
    soup has filed a lawsuit against the company.

    Ancient river found beneath Toronto (Reuters)

    Reuters - A river runs through it -- wide, deep, cold and ancient -- and
    few people in Toronto suspect it's even there.

    14-Foot Toothbrush Returned to Dentist (AP)

    AP - A dentist whose 14-foot toothbrush was pulled from the yard in
    front of his office is grinning again.

    Monster guinea pig discovered (Reuters)

    Reuters - This was one guinea pig no one would have kept in a cage.

    Wayward Chipmunk Hitches Ride to Calif. (AP)

    AP - A wayward chipmunk was on its way home to Utah Wednesday after
    stowing away in a car and hitching a long ride west to California.

    Phallic plate heads for Oxford (Reuters)

    Reuters - An Oxford museum has paid 240,000 pounds for a Renaissance
    plate which shows a male head made up entirely of phalluses.

    Construction Vehicle Used in ATM Heist (AP)

    AP - Someone stole a construction vehicle, drove it three miles down the
    highway, crashed into a gas station, ripped an ATM from the wall and
    escaped, police said.

    "Pristine" Amazon hosted large cities (Reuters)

    Reuters - Brazil's northern Amazon region, once thought to have been
    pristine until modern development began encroaching, actually hosted
    sophisticated networks of towns and villages hundreds of years ago,
    researchers say.

    Man Arrested 42 Minutes After Release (AP)

    AP - Vothy Chhay was a free man ─ for 42 minutes.

    Beckham billboards blacked out in Iran (Reuters)

    Reuters - David Beckham's face -- one of the most well-recognised in the
    world -- has been blacked out on billboards in Iran's capital in an
    apparent backlash against Western cultural influence.

    Hammocks Tangle Aroused Moose in Alaska (AP)

    AP - Itchy to rub antlers and aroused for fall mating season, bull moose
    have been tangling with hammocks this week.

    Hurricane spawns transatlantic contest (Reuters)

    Reuters - Hurricane Isabel, which has hit the U.S. East Coast with winds
    in excess of 100 miles an hour (160 kms), has blown up an unlikely
    transatlantic contest between 24 hour television news channels.

    Salt Lake City Cafe Has No Menus, Prices (AP)

    AP - Salt Lake City's One World Cafe breaks two of the most fundamental
    rules of the restaurant business: It has no menus and no prices.

    World's oldest genitals found (Reuters)

    Reuters - Scientists have discovered fossils of the world's oldest
    genitals -- belonging to 400 million-year-old insects -- in ancient
    rocks in Scotland.

    W.Va. Residents Back Noisy Roosters (AP)

    AP - Some southern West Virginians are crying fowl, claiming a flock of
    noisy roosters is being henpecked.

    Couple's home went to the dogs (Reuters)

    Reuters - Animal welfare officers say they have removed 244 dogs, 16
    birds, five cats, two kittens one rabbit and a chinchilla from a
    middle-aged couple's modest home in Lancashire.

    Fancy a double whisky pisky? (Reuters)

    Reuters - To the lament of many who treasure the quirky richness of
    Indian English, Indian newspapers now rarely carry reports of cabinet
    ministers "airdashing" to a crucial meeting.

    Rugby star survives crocodile challenge (Reuters)

    Reuters - Australia World Cup winger Lote Tuqiri survived a close
    encounter with an angry crocodile during a fishing and sightseeing trip
    in the Northern Territory this week.

    "Ig" Nobel Prize ponders nose picking (Reuters)

    Reuters - Why do teenagers pick their noses? Why does toast usually fall
    buttered side down? Frivolous question perhaps, but to Marc Abrahams,
    this is serious work.

    Is it a bird, or plane? No, it's Angle Grinder Man (Reuters)

    Reuters - He wears a baby-blue spandex jumpsuit and shiny gold panties,
    gloves, cape, boots and goggles. He wields a giant, metal-cutting
    circular power saw. Who is Angle Grinder Man?

    Tourists dream of bigger breasts (Reuters)

    Reuters - Nice tan -- the young woman in the pink bikini smiled
    knowingly as she soaked up the rays by the poolside of a luxury hotel
    on the Malaysian resort island of Penang.

    Athens cabbies strike, city breathes relief (Reuters)

    Reuters - Athens taxi drivers have gone on a 48-hour strike -- much to
    the relief of the traffic-choked city.

    Seattle voters reject espresso tax (Reuters)

    Reuters - Seattle voters have poured cold water on plans to tax espresso
    coffee to help poor children, deciding that a 10 cent per cup tax was
    just too much to swallow.

    Manila's police face booze ban (Reuters)

    Reuters - Cleaning up Manila's crime-ridden streets must be thirsty

    Singapore targets late wedding guests (Reuters)

    Reuters - Nervous brides or reluctant grooms turning up late are often a
    wedding planner's worst nightmare. But in Singapore, the problem is
    with the guests.

    Canadians pan government marijuana (Reuters)

    Reuters - Canada's government-grown marijuana is unfit for human
    consumption and makes some patients sick, people who have tried it say.

    Bad taste condom order cancelled (Reuters)

    Reuters - A plan to provide prison inmates with a bulk order of
    fruit-Flavoured condoms was in bad taste and has been cancelled, the
    cabinet minister in charge of prisons in the Canadian prairie province
    of Manitoba has told the Winnipeg Free Press newspaper.

    Icecream-loving ballerina dumped by Bolshoi (Reuters)

    Reuters - Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre has sacked an ice-cream-loving prima
    ballerina, saying she was too heavy and too tall for most of her dance
    partners to lift.

    Odd Summary (Reuters)

    Reuters - Forget Latin lovers -- horny Hungarians are now the most
    active between the sheets, leading a charge of eastern Europeans in the
    global sex charts. Condom maker Durex's annual global sex survey
    published on Tuesday showed that Hungarian lovers enjoy sex 152 times a
    year. The French -- fiercely proud of their sexual prowess -- only
    manage 144 performances a year.

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