• HTick 1.4 + BinkD 0.9.6 Problems

    From Viktor Pilpenok@2:249/3110.67 to All on Wednesday, December 10, 2003 01:16:30
    Hello everybody.

    I use HTick 1.4 + BinkD 0.9.6
    When i recieve a .tic file, binkd throws a zip file inbound directory with a name like to___67z.ip0 which contains the actual .tic
    But HTICK simply ignores this file! After manually uncompressing it, evrything works ok and HTICK processess it as it should.
    Is there anything i can do about it? (xcept for writing some bat file that will
    do this before fileecho tossing)

    Another problem is that sometimes .tic files contain a line like
    "Destination 2:2432/200, Sven Dueker"
    on such files htick reports that the file is "Not for us" and drops it.
    Why does this happen, and what can i do about it?


    --- GoldED+/W32
    * Origin: Does it work? Hello ??? Anybody out there ?!?!? (2:249/3110.67)