• New Node Number

    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Saturday, August 07, 2004 21:38:12

    Hello, All.

    This is an informational update. ;)

    This is to let you know that I have a new node number. My new number is 1:18/200 and the next rules listing/elisting will reflect this.

    I am also moving to Kennesaw, Georgia (about 40 miles north of Atlanta) at the end of this month (August). I will post when I leave, but I will have only intermittent access to the Internet to access my mail. My BBS will be down until I get my own place and get broadband.

    I'll still be around though. ;) The below email is current and I can access it


    // hausmaus@darktech.org | http://midnightshour.org | AIM: eekahausmaus

    --- GoldED+/EMX 1.1.5-21020
    * Origin: Outpost BBS - outpostbbs.us (1:18/200)