From MICHEL SAMSON@1:10/345 to ROB SWINDELL on Tuesday, October 12, 2004 06:31:00
    Hi Rob,

    About "SBBS/W32 Kermit setup" of October 11:

    ...this is a one-time post... A long time ago, the author of
    `SynchroNet' made me post a `Kermit' configuration-file only to
    reject it... As a result, it's the 2nd time this year i hear of
    some BBS where the SysOp failed to obtain suitable `Kermit'...
    ...Wayne Warthen's `Kermit for Windows'... ...abort pronto and
    users have their session hanged... My name has been associated
    MS} with it, my post isn't about persons but it's called SABOTAGE and
    whatever i do i like to do it with pride... ^^^^^^^^
    I didn't "make" you do anything. Heck, I didn't even *ask* you...

    I can't but notice that you failed to pay attention to the warnings
    i took care to express in my previous message, i certainly didn't intend
    to MAKE you post a reply - and much less ASK for one - but yet, here you
    are! Hearing of you again (and over `Kermit') feels, say, unattended...

    Well, given the level of your "contribution", euh... i shall point
    out you shouldn't feel invited! :> Too bad you missed my passage about "demolition artists" since it DOES seem to suit particularily well here:

    If you have a suggested change to the default kermit.ini included
    with Synchronet (and *not* a completely new, totally different .ini
    file), then I'm all ears.

    Let me remind you it was made the "default" setup before i was done
    with *PRELIMINARIES* (my job), not to mention you created it in a matter
    of hours!!! I know more than a year passed since July 2003 so i suggest
    you re-read the whole thread, starting from my very 1st post of July 20:
    you'd find that i was trying to cope with problems you failed to foresee yourself, as an author and SysOp. If that hurts your own pride, collect feedback from those who had to deal with *YOUR* chirurgical cuts and try whatever you wish when ready... %-b, Don't forget to remove any `SBBS'
    ~WEB~ content refering to me (some extra "fluff" i can live without)!...

    I'm afraid trying to achieve something (as a USER!) is unproductive
    when `OverNet' college boys make you go through a rite of initiation so,
    i'm ASKING you, don't "challenge" me to repair YOUR "masterpiece" again.

    ... The tongue is the fastest healing part of the human body.

    Sure, and memory is one to forget; that's why i keep records which
    remind me what it's like to cooperate with loggerheads. If only i could remember where our private correspondance is! :> Bofff... No regrets.


    Michel Samson
    a/s Bicephale

    ... Rob's Kermit: eyes on the accelerator, knees on the steering-wheel!
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  • From MICHEL SAMSON@1:10/345 to KERMIT SUPPORTERS on Tuesday, October 12, 2004 14:37:00
    Hi everyone,

    About "SBBS/W32 Kermit setup" of October 12 (which should be titled "SBBS/W32 Kermit SABOTAGE" by now):

    My name has been associated with it... ...it's called SABOTAGE...
    I didn't "make" you do anything. Heck, I didn't even *ask* you...
    I had a big problem... Your response was "well it works here!"
    ...re-read the whole thread, starting from my very 1st post...
    ...the problem is the settings on the "sending" side...

    Two SysOps did bet on Rob's "experience". This experiment on their account only contributes to what i'm calling negative re-inforcement so,
    i move it must be time for a better planed test-bench, for a change! :>

    ...I can't fix something I can't reproduce. HyperTerminal uploads
    just fine to both Synchronet-Win32 and Synchronet-Unix settings...

    How noble! Rob is ready to reproduce more failures, as long as the experiment remains his own. Oh, and he forgot i warned about using some 3rd-party clients with archaic pre-1985 `Kermit' support, at that! %-b,

    Well, the goal behind `Kermit' is UNIVERSALITY, not to prove how it
    should be possible to improve Rob's configuration. `HyperTerminal' will
    NOT give optimum cps figures, `Zap-O-Com' is much more suitable (despite
    the still relatively limited `Kermit' packet-size)! Hummm... But i did explain it all already. %-( Since i got a complete record, here it is:

    http://public.sogetel.net/bicephale/Vert-801.QWK.ZIP (284 Kb)

    There was a lot of noise on `OverNet' but the justifications can be
    found throughout the turmoil, i don't need to endure this torture again.

    Oh, and speaking of torture... People who appreciate controversial
    stuff should notice that Rob now brings back to life an extinct thread i
    was part of in the `FdN_Linux-BBS' echo, such reading can be found here:


    Guess what, Rob Swindell wrote to Maurice Kinal a while ago, it was
    titled "Kermit (Oh no not again)"... To him, my "Kermit Evangelism" is,
    euh... "kinda weird". %-b, Well, put `Kermit.INI' and `HyperTerminal'
    in the balance, with my late related posts and `Vert-801.QWK.ZIP' on the
    other side, euh... I begin to wonder which of evangelism or sabotage is
    doing the most damage to an already dying hobby! What a go Rob, if your
    cards are good all efforts may go unoticed, `Kermit' should face hostile preconceptions because of its apparent failures on `SBBS' and there just
    won't be a good reason to keep ~TelNet~ BBSes alive since files transfer
    is such a hasle! Don't fix it once and for all, let it fail forever?...

    If Michael would remove... ...high-lighting the exact settings that
    are different from mine... ...I'd be happy to integrate them.

    Spoken like a true Borg (and he doesn't even watch `Star Trek')! I suppose it's too much asking that he respects my real name by the way...

    The remaining hundred or so lines in Michael's configuration file
    have nothing to do with transfering files.

    Bad memory seems to serve him, the extraneous "kruft" resulted from
    a few Trials-and-Errors spread over years of *FRUSTRATING* "cooperation"
    with SysOps (too demanding for my taste sometimes)... Blind interfacing between `SBBS' & `MS-kermit' won't satisfy me: i'd attempt to establish meaningful features without giving up on proper Error Traping - in order
    to prevent False Message-Pointer UpDates, Hanged Sessions, etc... Right
    now, no reasonable SysOp should agree to expose his BBS by giving credit
    to *FLAWED* setups like Rob's and i must warn the BBSers against it too.

    This isn't promoting `Kermit', much less UNIVERSALITY. I call this SABOTAGE since anyone who got into trouble because of such short-sighted experience can only perpetuate `Kermit' preconceptions and never want to
    use it again! He seems proud of that "achievement" but i don't see why.

    ...there's a better chance for an FTP server in space than a BBS.

    Check it out, try to sit back and relax while reading this article:


    There may be no BBS in space but `MS-Kermit' has been there indeed.


    Michel Samson
    a/s Bicephale

    ... Rob's SBBS/Kermit: spend spare-time just to prove he might be wrong
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