• Mail-ennium/32

    From MICHEL SAMSON@1:379/1200 to CHRIS CRANFORD on Wednesday, October 20, 2004 00:35:00
    Hi Chris,

    It's about `Mail-Ennium/32', i guess. I seem to have found a ~WEB~
    BBS which you operate and since these things are new to me i tried it...

    I have no idea how i did it but my name doesn't show in the "From:"
    field and there's worst: the name of a perfect stranger shows up in its
    place! Perhaps it's me who did something wrong or it's a trick somebody
    else tried but i thought i would be better just to let you know about my
    little mishap with ~WEB~ BBSing!!! I know you're the operator because i
    can recognize the `FdN' address in the tearline... I'm sorry if my post
    has caused trouble, i suppose the user who got his name in place of mine
    didn't appreciate neither - i would not!... Quite frankly, no ~WEB~ BBS
    should grant WRITE access even when the ~E-Mail~ address is approved: i
    am under the impression that trouble-makers can use any known address to
    forge new identities and i really don't like the prospect since i signed
    my real one for nearly a decade and i have pride in doing so. Beware, a
    ~WEB~ BBS interface such as this requires some tuneup, it seems!... ;-)

    I hope this note won't seem like a harsh critic, pardon if it does!

    Salutations, :)

    Michel Samson
    a/s Bicephale

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