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    From Frank Linhares@1:250/501 to All on Saturday, January 09, 2010 23:29:07
    We have just launched a new service on bbs-scene.org. The bbs-scene.org bbs list is more than just your standard bbs list, it incorporates automatic checking of listed systems to ensure that every system listed works, never another dead bbs to explore.

    The other exciting feature which makes this list stand apart is the built in api. Using a REST api of GET and POST calls any programer can easily use and add to the list. Door's can easily be written to use the api to access the data and even add to it.

    We will soon be rolling out a oneliner system that will also take advantage of the api so that systems can participate on a global level.

    If your interested in the bbs-scene.org bbs list or any other service that we offer please visit http://bbs-scene.org or come join us on the BBS-SCENE echo on Fidonet. Information on the bbs-scene.org api can be found at http://bbs-scene.org/api_docs

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