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    From andrew clarke@3:633/267.7 to All on Wednesday, January 04, 2012 09:42:40
    In 1994 as a proof-of-concept I wrote some software in Turbo Pascal to 'gate' FidoNet echomail from one FTN network to another. I called it 'Gator' and used it to gate echomail between FidoNet and a small "othernet" I was connected to called The Australian Programmer's Network (or AusPrgNet).

    A year later and I had ditched the Pascal programming language entirely in favour of C, and I chose to rewrite Gator in C, for DOS and OS/2. However evidently I never finished rewriting it!

    Some 17 years later I stumbled across it again, and am now releasing the source
    code "as-is". Maybe it will be of use to someone, if only for the historical value.

    Note that this is unfinished code. In hindsight some of it is rather poorly written or convoluted. On the other hand it's probably better quality than most
    of the Pascal code that preceeded it.

    Note also that there is basically zero documentation. The supplied example gator.cfg file may give you some clues, but the documentation basically is the source code at this point.

    All the source code is now placed in the public domain. You can do what you like with it.

    It is available via SVN using the command:

    svn co svn://svn.ozzmosis.com/gator


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